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EXCOINCIAL is a United Kingdom and Malta centralized multi-crypto trading exchange with several advanced features and focuses on security of digital assets. It is open to all platforms for all crypto users and traders.

Our team

Our team is made up strong and highly experienced individuals both in technical terms and in building successful startups. Each and every member our team has a unique trait that, when mixed together with those of other members, produces a flawless synergy. This guarantees a high probability of success. We have built successful startups in the past and this time around our drive and ambitions are significantly higher.

Don Chancellor

Founder & President

Chancellor is an IBM certified Blockchain Expert and is one of the early adopters...


Dieter Wipf


Dieter is an independent Auditor with banking background from Switzerland...


Madeleine G. Winkler

Execuctive Secretary

Mrs. Madeleine Winkler is from Switzerland, an unflinching Defender of Global Children...


Alexander Papevis


Alexander holds Masters Degrees in Electronics/Mechanical Engineering...


Luciano Besitulo

Development Team Lead

Luciano is an immensely qualified and programmatic software engineer...


Claudius Lyn

Project Advisor

Claudius is a certified Senior Project Management professional (GPM/IPMA Level B)...


Cal Evans

Legal Advisor

Attorney PGDip LP Cal Evans is a former United Kingdom Government Adviser...