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We have made conscientious effort to provide you as much information as concievably possible in this page and yet we make no representation to commit that these pieces of information are not subject to changes as may be warranted. Thus the best approach is contacting us on support@excoincial.com for current update(s) relevant to your specific need.

Trading with on EXCOINCIAL you save with the minimum transaction charges we offer to all our users. There are no hidden costs per charges apart from a one-time transaction fee per transaction. Depending on the trading pair the maximum transaction fee is 0.25%.
You can loan out your parked crypto assets on EXCOINCIAL and earn a fixed percentage as interest. All users can participate in margin lending.
EXCOINCIAL brings to you advanced Margin trading option. With margin trading, you can purchase and trade crypto-assets even when you don’t have the funds on your own. All users on the platform can benefit from Margin Trading.
These are the auto-trade options which works by copying trades from selected traders as well as peer to peer lending. Under both schemes, investors earn even if he/she isn’t trading actively.
EXCOINCIAL is a powerful cryptocurrency exchange with multiple security features. Your assets are fully secure with our advanced user wallets. Also, we have a two-factor authentication for each time you log in to your account. With Elastic Multi-stage wallet strategy, we store over 90% of the cryptocurrencies offline.
EXCOINCIAL partners with the best security and server hosting/protection giants in the world to provide the most advanced covers and has developed a multilayered, multi-dimensional approach to safeguarding funds in trader’s wallet. In addition, EXCOINCIAL has put in one place the most diverse yet related services and features that can not be found on any other Exchange platform in the Universe. No matter what your trading and investment peculiarities are, EXCOINCIAL has a solution that fits your needs.



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Here you can access our stable and secure API. You can get the latest market data and trade via the APIs.

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